Migrant Education Liaison-Recruiter (Full-time)

Position Title: Migrant Education Liaison-Recruiter
Department: Federal Programs
Location: District Office
Classification: Classified
Reports to: Federal Programs Administrator
Position is Full Time

SUMMARY: This employee is responsible for identifying, recruiting and assisting migrant families while also serving as a liaison between school personnel, district departments, migrant families, and community agencies. Provide advocacy and
assistance on meeting the needs of migrant students and families to enhance their functioning within the school program.


-High School Diploma or GED
-Valid Idaho Driver License and personal/reliable transportation
-Bilingual Spanish/English (Fluent in speaking, reading and writing Spanish and English)
-Ability to relate to children and migrant families

Application Packet: District Classified Application

Closing Date: Open Until Filled. The District reserves the right to fill the position with the most qualified applicant at any time.

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Bus Driver (And Substitute Drivers)

Approximately 148 days a year. Daily split shift Monday – Thursday.

Be at least 18 years of age.
High School Graduate or GED required
Hold or be eligible to obtain a Class “B” CDL with School Bus endorsement (District will assist with CDL Training)
Clean driving record
Pass a criminal background check.
Ability to pass a DOT Physical Examination
All school personnel are subject to drug and alcohol testing

Closing Date: Open Until Filled. The District reserves the right to fill the position with
the most qualified applicant at any time.

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Food Service Part Time

This position is part time Monday through Thursday 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. during the school
year. Position pays $9.53 per hour.


1. Sanitize tables and lunch room between groups and end of day
2. Arrive and leave school at designated times
3. Performs duties as assigned by the supervisor


1. High School Diploma or Equivalent
2. Must pass a Background Check

Please contact the Melba School District Office at 208-495-1141 Ext. 1086 for an application or visit the
school web site at
Closing Date: Open Until Filled. The District reserves the right to fill the position with the most qualified
applicant at any time.



  1. Formal training or relevant experience in providing computing support in an educational environment
  2. Minimum technical experience appropriate to the hardware and software used by the district as determined by the Board
  3. Technical knowledge of the hardware and software necessary to operate and maintain a website for an educational organization, with specific knowledge of the hardware and software used by the district
  4. Able to read and comprehend technical instructions and information
  5. Able to write simple correspondence as well as technical correspondence
  6. Able to deal effectively with people who have varying degrees of knowledge about computers
  7. Able to perform maintenance and repairs and to trouble shoot hardware and software
  8. Ability to effectively communicate verbally in one-on-one, small groups, and large group situations
  9. General knowledge of operating systems, software, and hardware used by the district preferred
  10. Working knowledge of TCP/IP protocol in networking environments, related experience preferred
  11. Knowledge of current information technology practices and applications to meet customer support requirements
  12. Excellent organizational and problem-solving skills
  13. Able to work under deadlines
  14. Maintain confidentiality of staff and students



Technology Director



To administer the upkeep of the website, making necessary updates, and ensuring that all links stay active in order to connect the district to parents, students, and other electronic visitors.




Network Administrator

  1. Administer the district’s networks, plan for network extension, and implement and maintain an operational network
  2. Administer the network user population, adding, maintaining, and restricting user accounts as needed, and monitor network usage
  3. Administer access to the internet
  4. Reduce risk of exposure to offensive material, and monitor and filter access to the internet to appropriate sites
  5. Install, modify, upgrade, and repair all network devices, both hardware and software, including contacting appropriate service contractor when applicable as well as repairing and replacing defective mechanical or electrical parts



  1. Add timely information to the district’s website in order to provide information about the district to students, parents, other district residents and the news media
  2. Use the district website to encourage community involvement in the schools
  3. Participate in the review of electronic communications with parents, staff, other agencies, and the community
  4. Devise a web request procedure that allows for regular and expedited requests for the inclusion of materials on the district website
  5. Edit web content, optimize web navigation, enforce style consistency, and add new information to benefit visitors
  6. Set objectives for the district’s web-based information program
  7. Work in cooperation with other public information employees
  8. Create new ways to serve internet-users
  9. Supervise and coordinate the preparation and timely electronic posting of all district publications and news releases
  10. Create image links and ensure that content is current
  11. Troubleshoot and repair problems
  12. Ensure, as far as possible, that images are delivered to the viewer at sufficiently high speed and quality
  13. Develop and maintain a listing of resources for adding content to the district’s website in order to maintain good community relations


Assisting Staff with Technology

  1. Identify and provide for technology-related teacher training relevant to school and district websites
  2. Attend meetings and training sessions, and develop documents and tools for demonstrations on electronic resources, as assigned
  3. Represent the district’s online information and outreach program to the public through workshops and other presentations, as requested by the superintendent
  4. Monitor use of the website and respond to web inquiries and requests for public information about the district’s policies and programs
  5. Monitor website traffic, tabulate site visit statistics, and provide periodic reports to the superintendent and Board



  1. Work flexible hours and coordinate with staff to provide timely information on a regular basis and also in emergency situations
  2. Accomplish multiple priorities while adhering to deadlines
  3. Assume responsibility for his or her continuing professional growth and development by such efforts as attendance at training or inservices
  4. Seek assistance should emergencies arise
  5. Represent the school district in a positive manner
  6. Know and follow school district policy and chain of command
  7. Perform other duties as assigned




Performance of this position will be evaluated annually by the technology director in conformance with federal and state law, administrative rules, and Board policy.



This position shall be considered in all respects “employment at will”. The “employment period” and other descriptions and terms set forth in this job description shall not create a property right for the employee. These are set forth only to advise the employee of when and what type of services will be required by the district so long as the employment continues.



All certificated and non-certificated employees and other individuals are required to undergo a criminal history check and submit to fingerprinting.  Any applicant convicted of any of the felony crimes enumerated in Section 33-1208, Idaho Code may not be hired, and any applicant convicted of any felony offense listed in Section 33-1208(2), Idaho Code shall not be hired.


Legal Reference:         I.C. § 33-512               Governance of Schools

                                    I.C. § 33-1210             Information on Past Job Performance



Jackie Engle –

(208) 495-1141 Ext. 1086

MELBA ID  83641