M.O.L.E. Elementary




  1. How will my student be counted as present for class?
    1. Each day there will be at least one assignment that needs to be completed for ELA and Math. Completing and submitting assignments will allow the student to be counted as present.
  2. Is my student penalized for late assignments?
    1. No, students will receive full credit for assignments. We encourage students to accomplish as much work each day as possible.  We want you to be ready when we return to school.
  3. If my student does the online, they have to be online every day, but a student who has no Internet and does the paper packet only has to do one day?
    1. No, a student who is completing the paper packet receives and submits the packet each Wednesday, but the packet contains work for each day of the week.
    2. We encourage all students who have internet access to complete the online learning – this allows teachers to show video demonstrations of the learning as well as hold office hours to assist students live online. The packets include the work for students and as much instruction as teachers are able to put into written explanations – hence the density of some packets.
  4. How are students being graded during this remote learning?
    1. Student work will be graded in Teams. Students will be able to see how they are doing on assignments within the program.  For grades 3 – 6, grades will also be put into PowerSchool, so you can see what is completed and not completed.  However, at the end of the school year, 4th quarter grades will be adjusted to a Pass or Fail.